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Witch Hazel

The witch school of FogWarts has been pillaged by a swarm of incredibly rude fairies. By stealing all the schools magical items, the witches are left near powerless…

A young apprentice, Hazel steps up to the challenge of venturing into the woods and recovering all the schools enchanted items. 

The fairies won’t give up to stolen treasure without a fight, and they fight even dirtier than they talk! Under the guidance of the great Archwitch, Hazel must run, jump and outwit the fairies at every turn, until every last item is recovered and Fogwarts is restored to its former glory! 

Press Kit
Rolling Bunnies Team

Witch Hazel Press Kit

Facts Sheet Release Date: Coming Soon Platforms: Android / iOS Website: https://rollingbunnies.com/witch-hazel Social: Facebook Twitter

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Game Developer
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  • Upgrade Hazel to become a Master Witch #witchhazelgame
  • The Arch Witch helps Hazel as she tries to get Fogwarts back! 
  • Introducing Hazel! Help her on her journey to save Fogwarts! 

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