Lake Kindred Origin Press Kit

Lake Kindred Origin Press Kit

Facts Sheet

Release Date:

Sep 22, 2018


Android / iOS





Lake Kindred Origin is a monster collection game designed to be relaxing and fun. Level up your mystic tree, collect your own mythical creatures and make the scenery lively! Lake Kindred Origin is a beautiful, mystical habitat waiting for you to explore!

How to Play 
Step 1: Collect life energy by tapping on the screen
Step 2: Help your Sycamorte tree grow by leveling up!
Step 3: Grow fruit to collect other Kin for your habitat!
Step 4: Keep going!

Collection Fun: Collect mythical Kin! Some are very rare, so do your best to get them all.
Helpful Skills and Tools: We have provided skills that will help you advance through the game faster, to make the game more fun for you.
Peaceful Gameplay: This game will help you relax and have fun while resting!
Low Maintenance: Simply sign in once in a while and tap the fruits to collect your Kin!
Beautiful Art: These cute and lovely Kin are sure to brighten your day!



Steven Meyers

Lead Developer & Animator

Isidro Gomez

Game Designer

Elda The

Art Director

Tabitha Reed

UI Designer & Effects



Rolling Bunnies Team

This is the Rolling Bunnies Team! Thanks for checking us out! We are going to be updating you on the general progress made for Rolling Bunnies! Don't forget you can also keep up to date with us on our social media accounts!

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  1. I joined the game after getting surgery, it helped calm my anxiety of the day and helped me fall asleep for a little while. I really like the game. Thank you, I cannot wait to play the next games you all come up with. I am sure they will be just as helpful as this game.

  2. Keep it up Team! I mean this game is amazing love idea. Not that far in the game yet. But new update was nice.

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