Collect mythical creatures in this fun and soothing game!

A wild, witchy, jumping adventure that follows your quest to save the Fogwarts Magic School.

Quest Masters

You are a Quest Master. You need to send many parties of incredible characters to various quests for the glory and fame of your guild.

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Rolling Bunnies is a new mobile games network that aims to produce mobile games incorporating blockchain technology to provide players real-world value for playing. In our network, our mission is to provide players a vast selection of creative and captivating games to play, as well as to provide small-scale game developers, designers, and teams a place to spotlight their games while off.  Our current in-house teams are made of up of passionate gamers and world-class artists who are committed to creating games that you just won’t be able to stop playing! Keep updated with us as we continue releasing new games! 

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To enter you must do the following:
1) Follow @rollingbunniesgames and @officialgaiaonline, and tag 2 friends in the comments 
2) Max Level Woolord and Gure
3) Screenshot their max level, post it, and tag us
4) Additional entries accepted on Twitter and Gaia Online

Giveaway closes on December 7, 2018 at 12PM PST
  • Upgrade Hazel to become a Master Witch #witchhazelgame
  • The Arch Witch helps Hazel as she tries to get Fogwarts back! 
  • Introducing Hazel! Help her on her journey to save Fogwarts! 
  • 🌈 hair + wings = this adorable Kin

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